Wednesday, October 1, 2008

George Jones Concert

Well, Dad & I attended a George Jones concert at the Little Nashville Opry last Sunday, September 28th. I'd been looking forward to this for a few months. I wanted to go, because Mom & Dad saw George Jones back in the 60s, when he had a "flat top" hair cut, and I thought it'd be neat to go see him now.

But, there were several very loud women behind us, all in the same group together. This made it hard for me to hear, let alone my Dad, who has severe hearing loss. I could tell he wasn't enjoying himself, even though he said he was fine. Well, I'd gone out several times to complain to security, and they'd come back to talk to the "ladies" if you can even call them that, and they were stating I was the one causing the trouble! What nerve! So, I didn't enjoy the show, and I don't think Dad did either.

Anyway, one of the managers of the Little Nashville Opry, called me on Monday, September 29th, and apologized and gave free tickets for Dad & I for a George Jones concert, that will happen during Memorial Day Weekend 2009. Tickets aren't even on sale yet, to the general public. He told me his name, and asked me to call after the first of November, when they are on sale to the general public, and he'll get us front row, or near front row seats, so maybe Dad and I can enjoy the show this next time around. You don't find too many people like that in today's world. These two tickets are worth $78 together. He was very upset with the security guard who didn't handle the situation and said he gave him a warning that, one more slip up, and he'd be gone. At least the security guard told him about the situation. Here's a photo of Dad in front of George Jones' tour bus, as it drives off. Perfect photo opportunity at the perfect time, don't ya think?: